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System Impact Study and Facilities Study for a Natural Gas-Fired Power Plant - Philippines

NCL was contracted to develop the transmission planning guidelines for the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (Philippines’ Transmission Operator). The guideline focuses not only on efficient in-depth engineering planning for the short and long-term, but also planning in order to address congestion in the electricity spot market. The guidelines will be issued by the Commission as part of the Performance-Based Regulation scheme for the Transmission Operator and has taken into account the views of key stakeholders in the power industry keeping in mind the objective of ensuring the quality, reliability, security and affordability of electricity transmission services.The proposed power plant project will provide clean and reliable electricity from natural gas and is expected to meet the projected need for power in the Luzon grid. Apart from this, the project is expected to significantly contribute to the local economy and provide assistance in the much needed development of the host barangay and nearby communities. The objective of the System Impact Study was to propose the best possible technically viable solution in connecting the power plant to the transmission grid. The study was performed in close cooperation with the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) given the major network development requirement in the area. The second phase of the study will be the conduct of the Facilities Study immediately following the approval of the System Impact Study by NGCP. The Facilities Study is a detailed study that will include a report on the project site and functional requirements, the estimate of costs of equipment, engineering designs, and procurement requirements with timelines.